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The main objective of the AquaLife project is the development and dissemination of the AQUALIFE Package, which is an innovative and user-friendly indicator system to assess the biodiversity of groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs). GDEs are defined as those ecosystems whose biological structure and ecological processes are directly or indirectly influenced by groundwater.

Subterranean aquatic ecosystems host a high, valuable biodiversity, comprising rare, often endemic and particularly vulnerable species. Many groundwater ecosystems and their biodiversity are thought to be at risk of impairment in all the European Union Member States (EU MSs). However, a tool to quantify biodiversity in subterranean habitats and in GDEs is still unavailable. Hence, the assessment of the loss in groundwater and GDE biodiversity associated with surface human activities remains de facto unknown. This in turn hampers the development of a management planning for the aquatic environment that should include groundwater to be truly all-encompassing and holistic.




“Development of an innovative and user-friendly indicator system
for biodiversity in groundwater dependent Ecosystems”


Beneficiario Coordinatore:

Ente Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga


Beneficiari Associati:

Regione Abruzzo - Direzione Affari della Presidenza, Politiche legislative e comunitarie, Programmazione, Parchi, Territorio, Ambiente, Energia

Universita' degli Studi dell'Aquila – Dipartimento MESVA


Ente Cofinanziatore:

ENEL PRODUZIONE S.p.A., Adb Generazione, Produzione idroelettrica,Unità di Business Hydro Centro


Durata: dal 01/09/2013 al 31/08/2018


Costo Totale: 1.705.964 Euro di cui Euro 848.585 cofinanziato dalla Unione Europea



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